Planning Services

Planning Applications

There are range of planning applications types, for example:

  • Planning permission in principle which secures the “principle” of development of a site without the details of design and layout,
  • Full planning permission, which secures the principle and the design detail,
  • Matters specified in conditions applications, which follows a planning permission in principle consent and agrees the detail of the design, or other matters without opening up the issue of the principle.
  • Major applications which are large scale applications and require a lengthy pre application consultation and advice.

The above list is not exhaustive however  Suller & Clark have experience in all types of application and can advise in your circumstances which application process would be best suit your circumstances.

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Planning Advice

Often before making a formal planning application it is helpful to seek pre-application advice from your local planning authority. Suller & Clark can assist on putting the best proposal forward which is more likely to meet the approval of the Planning Authority.


Thereafter, we can assist in taking the proposal forward to a formal application addressing any pre-application issues which may have been highlighted.


Suller & Clark can assist in preparing an objection/representation to an application which has been submitted by a third party, such as a neighbour.  It is important that any representation contains relevant material planning considerations in order to be fully considered.


Suller & Clark can prepare a fully considered representation which, where possible, relates  to the local development plan in order that your concerns are made in a manner which ensures they are fully considered.

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Local Development Plans

The Local Development Plan (LDP)  is generally a five-year rolling program.


There are currently major changes planned to the process which are currently being formulated by the Scottish Government.  There is an opportunity for all members of the community to have their views heard, either through the submission of bids to the Local Development Plan, seeking the allocation of land in the forthcoming LDP for a particular use, making comment on a proposed allocation or on the wording of a particular policy which may have an impact on you.


Suller & Clark have experience of all stages of the Local Development Plan process and can advise interested parties on how and when they can best make representations to the LDP.

Developer Obligations

Developer obligations or developer contributions are a financial contribution required on the grant of planning permission in order to offset any perceived impacts on local infrastructure.  There is often the opportunity for discussion and negotiations.


Suller & Clark have experience is reviewing the Developer Contribution request in order to ensure that any contribution is proportionate and affordable and does not have a detrimental impact on the viability of a scheme.

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Planning Appeals

If an application is refused by the planning authority all applicants have the opportunity to appeal the refusal of planning permission.  There are two types of planning appeal, first to the Local Review Board, a board of local councillors, or an appeal to the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals at the Scottish Government.  The type of appeal is dependent on how your original consent has been determined and/or the scale of development.


Suller & Clark have a wide range of experience in dealing with both types of appeal and can assist in developing the best appeal submission responding to the reasons for refusal.

The above matters are just a few of the various planning procedures, however they are not exhaustive. If you require any further information or which to discuss the issue which applies to you please get in touch for a chat.